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Vocabulary Size Test     

Complete the following 50 multiple-choice questions to estimate your vocabulary size. Choose one of 4 choices that's most appropriate for the word underlined in the sentence.

1  Many of the questions raised pertaining to cultural issues are new.
a) mattersb) insurance
c) troubled) publication
2  To help meet this need, we have compiled an annotated bibliography of models for evaluating open learning approaches and associated technologies.
a) associatingb) related
c) advancedd) new
3  He had an edge on the competition.
a) borderb) a slight advantage
c) a slight margind) success
4  The applicants of the Proposal Competition are invited to provide the Frontier Science Research City Project with visions for creating a 21st century-style city.
a) performanceb) plan
c) businessd) communication
5  The dollar fell against the Euro for the fourth time in five days and dropped against the yen on concern a recovery in the US economy is faltering.
a) evidenceb) interest
c) worryd) relief
6  I wonder if that factor is going to have an impact on XYZ Corp.
a) elementb) person
c) eventd) action
7  Specifically, we are disappointed with the new emphasis on so-called high stakes testing as an instrument to assess and rank schools.
a) a deviceb) a test
c) a systemd) a method
8  It is almost impossible to get it done today.
a) implicitb) trivial
c) insignificantd) totally unlikely
9  The closest the world has come to a nuclear war was the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962.
a) missionb) atomic bomb
c) electiond) a rocket-propelled vehicle
10  The Complete and Utter Idiot's Guide to Ordering Pizza
a) newb) absolute
c) practicald) short
11  Would you prefer to rotate meeting locations or have a consistent meeting place?
a) alternateb) set up
c) rentd) inspect
12  The students will perform activities to learn how estimation and measurement is important in the construction industry.
a) surveyingb) dimension
c) developmentd) budget
13  He has a unique talent to inspire and compel each person to recognize his or her own personal uniqueness and value.
a) forceb) cheer
c) commandd) lead
14  Survey shows that the silence majority agree with me and not you.
a) minorityb) major
c) seniord) bulk
15  The lowering of the threat level is not a signal to the government, law enforcement or citizens that the danger of a terrorist attack has passed.
a) throatb) thread
c) territoryd) terror
16  That person can help you decide whether you do need to lose weight and, if so, the best way to achieve and maintain a weight that is healthy for you.
a) reduceb) increase
c) alterd) hold
17  This is a short report on our trip to Colorado.
a) stripb) journey
c) missiond) research
18  The estimates above could therefore represent an under-estimate of the total consumer detriment in the economy.
a) populationb) confidence
c) damaged) behavior
19  Ooops, I meant to say shouldn't deny love.
a) refuseb) addict to
c) hurtd) confuse
20  Nobody asked me to prove it.
a) show evidence ofb) test
c) demonstrated) investigate
21  Scripture does not forbid anything which God has given us for our use.
a) supportb) encourage
c) described) prevent
22  The destination is over the hill.
a) hipb) natural elevation
c) mountaind) pond
23  We're seeking to strengthen intellectual property protection.
a) increaseb) fortify
c) improved) change
24  In this sample chapter, you'll learn how to compose a message and send it.
a) writeb) compile
c) complaind) conduct
25  He was at the scene of the crime.
a) scenariob) picture
c) sited) guide
26  The risk of loss or damage is transferred to the buyer.
a) replacedb) minimized
c) shiftedd) diminished
27  Great Lakes signal a major shift in seasonal changes.
a) translationb) shaft
c) switchd) example
28  The holes should be a little larger than the coin or washer.
a) pennyb) metal
c) piped) corn
29  So, your focus is not inward on your own processes, but outward on supply chain processes.
a) basedb) dependent
c) insided) inbound
30  Ours is a field increasingly driven by both rapidly evolving solutions to existing problems and by new interpretations of the nature of the problems we face.
a) resultsb) mixture
c) lotiond) problem
31  How did she keep it secret for nine years?
a) secretaryb) mystery
c) hiddend) information
32  The new program will integrate social and employment services with treatment for drug addicted persons and their families.
a) assistanceb) treat
c) cared) discussion
33  Customers qualify for a Standard license if no Small Business Server software is currently licensed.
a) copyb) permission
c) freedomd) software
34  Each Christmas our family enjoys decorating the tree with our homemade ornaments.
a) made by yourselfb) trendy
c) sophisticatedd) made by hand
35  Wall Street bankers met behind closed doors (under the auspices of the New York Federal Reserve Bank) to put the finishing touches on the renegotiation of Korea's short-term debt.
a) roofb) protection
c) powerd) guidance
36  We provide vacation & leisure travel for the employees of these top companies as well.
a) relaxationb) freedom
c) fancyd) discount
37  There are many things on the Net that are put there by one person or group that has a certain opinion.
a) credibilityb) idea
c) viewd) origination
38  Since his election to the Legislature in 1994, Sen. Kermit Brashear of Omaha has made a name for himself as a man who carefully considers what he believes in and then forcefully argues his point.
a) body of lawmakersb) lecturer
c) congressd) army
39  No wonder many companies are finding the difficulty to sustain the growth.
a) expandb) subdue
c) maintaind) reverse
40  They're supposed to be preparing us for the meeting.
a) scheduledb) believed
c) forcedd) replaced
41  Particular attention is paid to the repertoire and quality of the performance presented on the audition.
a) originalityb) a collection of works
c) uniquenessd) depth
42  Retail petrol price decreased in April.
a) gasb) oil
c) computerd) grain
43  Governor Bush and first lady proclaim September 23 Family Day in Florida.
a) claimb) recognize
c) realized) declare formally
44  The Warden told him that I was his roommate before he died.
a) official in charge of armyb) official in charge of a company
c) official in charge of a prisond) official in charge of a county
45  I like cauliflower.
a) flowerb) vegetable
c) fishd) cat
46  Here it is paired with metallic twill, the latest trend in twill.
a) ornamentb) art work
c) shoed) cloth
47  These structural changes have also led to a palpable change in attitude towards foreign investment.
a) significantb) dramatical
c) tangibled) drastical
48  This paper is lighted in a way to accentuate the motley color distribution.
a) visibleb) fuzy
c) mixedd) new
49  Plan to photograph stars along a swath running perpendicular to the Milky Way.
a) stripb) vertical line
c) aread) star
50  A new project is funded to investigate Estrogen's effects on the female body.
a) Yogab) vegetable
c) hormoned) vitamin

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