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Not Live in an English Speaking Country, But You Can Speak Like a Native English Speaker. Here's How.

Curated By Bruce Zhang (Jan. 12, 2015 )

You don't have to live in an English speaking country to speak like a native English Speaker. Here's how.

1. The best way to speak like a native English speaker is to speak often with native English speakers. You want to learn English. Lonely elderly Americans living in retirement homes just want someone to talk to.

Perfect Match: Brazilian Kids Learn English by Video Chatting With Lonely Elderly Americans.

2. "Watch your favorite English language TV show or movie, and as the characters speak, repeat loudly the exact words they are saying the moment you hear them. " How do I improve my English speaking skills in a very short time?.

3. Here're some tips for sounding like a native speaker

More tips for Speaking like a Native Speaker.

4. Siri can be your private ESL teacher. Siri, the built-into AI assistant on iPhone and iPad, can be an incredibly useful tool for improving your spoken English. Siri can transform your voice into written text so you can perfect your pronounciation and spoken English. Siri can also transform text on any website and ebook into speech to help you correctly pronounce new words.

5. You'll need to repeat a few times for whatever you've learned in order to remember them. Spaced repetition helps you remember things, and you'll never forgot. "The crucial characteristic of this spaced repetition is that every next repetition takes place after a much longer interval of time than the previous one."

Improve Your Spoken English by Using Spaced Repetition

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Last Updated on: Jan. 12, 2015
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