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Electronic Dictionary for Kids

When Apple first introduced the iPad a few years ago they absolutely revolutionized the world of consumer electronics. In a very short time, the iPad became the number one, must-have electronic gadget for adults and children. And while the iPad is a very nice product, it comes with a very hefty price tag. Even entry level models cost nearly $600-$800.

Of course not every family can afford to shell out that kind of dough for a product thatís really no essential. Fortunately, there are alternative products out there that perform many of the same functions at just a fraction of the cost. Once you start researching, youíll be amazed at how many competing products are out there that do almost everything the iPad does. The ECTACO Jetbook is exactly that kind of product.

This slender e-reader has wifi capability, color E ink and a host of other must have features. The Jetbook is not and iPad, but it does host a huge number of apps and programs that make it an incredible bargain at $499. But what if youíre looking for something thatís a little simpler?

If youíre just looking for an electronic dictionary to help you with your studies or just learning new words, check out the Sharp Electronics PW-E550 Electronic Dictionary. This product is designed for years of use and comes pre-loaded with host of features youíll find yourself using over and over.

Unlike many, similar, products this one feels good in your hands and feel like a brick when itís riding on the bottom of your backpack. Users also notice, almost immediately, that this product is designed to be used on a regular basis and is very intuitively built.

We like the fact that this product includes a pile of really great software thatís beneficial to students and adults. Students will definitely appreciate the pre-loaded dictionary and thesaurus. Older folks will enjoy the easy to use crossword solver that makes even the trickiest questions seem doable.

If youíre looking for something thatís more like an electronic dictionary for kids youíll be pleased to know that this product category is growing rapidly. Electronics manufacturers know that products designed with children in mind are held to a different standard than those aimed at adults. Thatís why the Franklin HW-1216 Children's Speller and Dictionary is as rugged as it is useful.

The HW-1216 is fun to use, but itís definitely not a toy. Itís a durable product that makes learning the basics a lot easier for children. While the company makes no claims about its abilities to increase learning skills, thereís clearly a benefit to using a product like this on a regular basis.

We love the fact that this product comes pre-loaded with a number of really fun learning games that children will embrace right away. This product isnít the iPad, but itís not trying to be the iPad either. The HW-1216 is just another tool that parents and educators can use to get kids interested in learning.

Letís face it, thereís a fair amount of peer pressure when it comes to buying tablets and other, similar, electronic devices. But a $500 or $600 iPad just isnít for everyone. If youíre one of those folks who likes the idea of a gadget that can help you learn, but just arenít interested in spending that kind of money.

So long as youíre not dead set on having the exactly up-to-the-minute electronics, you can always find high functioning products that wonít break the bank. So donít feel like the iPad is the only option youíve got. Start browsing through this category on sites like Amazon.com and youíll be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

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Last Updated on: Jan. 12, 2015
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